The Broke Traveler Visits the SPAM Museum

The Broke Traveler Visits the SPAM Museum

Chronically Broke World Traveler, Eric J. Wynn, Visits the SPAM Museum, and Finds it Most Delicious!

Well here I am, still the ever broke traveler wandering the country, and this week I found myself gravitating to the SPAM Museum. A totally free museum devoted to one of my mother’s favorite food groups, SPAM! I don’t think SPAM is technically a food group, however, my mother served it so often while I was growing up, I thought it was one of them.

The SPAM Museum is located in Austin Minnesota, which is home to one of the two canning facilities for Hormel Foods Corporation, the fine makers of SPAM. The museum is housed in a 16,500 square foot facility, which means plenty of space to wonder through and see the many interactive exhibits. The museum is very bright with a strong focus on the SPAM colors of Yellow and Blue.

The exhibits will delight small children as they encourage hands on interaction joker slot. I myself was a little bored; however, if I had my nephew Connor with me, we would have had a great time pushing the buttons to the exhibits, playing the trivia games, and practicing canning SPAM.

If you go as an adult, you may find the museum a little simple, although very informative. I walked away with a new appreciation to my mother’s favorite canned meat. This is a museum best served with kids in minds and I would strongly recommend taking them in tow for a couple of hours of delightful interaction.

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The one thing I was hoping for was a SPAM cafeteria. I honestly wanted to sink my teeth into a couple of SPAM sandwiches upon exiting the museum. Apparently, Hormel did not want to interfere with local restaurants that serve up SPAM as a specialty and chose not to open a cafeteria, much to my disappointment.

I did find the gift shop to very delightful, although a bit pricey. I always like to mail out little things to my nephew, and I found several things that he could find entertaining. The gift shop even sells single serving of SPAM, and I included one to Connor. His mother said that was his favorite thing in the package.