CND Shellac Nail Polish: A Dream Come True For All Manicure Lovers

CND Shellac Nail Polish: A Dream Come True For All Manicure Lovers

Beautiful manicured hands, with shining nail paint on long nails are something a girl longs for. Manicure and pedicure have become a trend and nail art adds up the glance to it. Traditional nail paints have been there in the market for decades now and next came the gel nail paints.

In 2010, came the revolution in the professional nail industry with the introduction of CND shellac nail polish. It is a hybrid of the traditional nail paint and the gel polish and claims to provide shine for 14 days, without nail damage.

An Introduction To CND Shellac Nail Polish

The leader in the professional nail industry is the CND or Creative nail design, which introduced the CND shellac nail polish in the market.

Unlike traditional paints, it does not give the chip off or smudge to your nails. It stays on for 14 days and some users have even claimed that it stayed on their nails for a month. Say no to chip off and smudging nail polish with the CND shellac range. It is devoid of formaldehyde and does not damage the nails.

Also, traditional nail paints and gels take some time to dry, but with the shellac range say goodbye to the drying time too. Nails are dried within seconds under UV lights.

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The removal process is also easy. It does not make the process messy. Shellac remover wraps or cotton are used to remove it and the process is quite smooth.

Its Application Method And Shades

Shellac nail polish should be applied under professional care to get the best manicure experience. In a professional salon, it is done in three steps- base coat, colour, top coat. Then the nail is put under UV lamp for immediate drying. The finish is smooth so the nail polish does not appear to be thick. CND shellac nail polish gives a shining flawless finish to the nails.

This shellac range comes in 12 varieties of shades as of now and are mainly in darks, pinks and white.

The Pricing

CND shellac nail polish manicure pricing depends entirely on the salon. Some salons even offer discounts for this.

But, it is true that if you want your manicure to last long, go for the shellac range, it will stay for a longer period and will also look classy. Beauty comes with its own prices, but do compromise a few bucks for the beautiful shellac painted nails.

Is Shellacs For Everyone?

If shellacs are a dream come true, it is not for everyone.

  • Before going for any manicure treatment make sure that your nails are healthy. CND shellac nail paints are best for those who have strong and durable nails. If your nail breaks off easily or there is an infection in the nail bed, turning your nails pale, then shellacs are not for you.
  • Shellac nails though claims not to do any kind of damage to the nails , yet there is a risk involved. Shellac nails re dried under UV rays and these rays are not good for the skin. It accelerates the process of skin aging.
  • With shellac applied perfectly smooth nails, working becomes difficult. Gardening, washing dishes and clothes all becomes difficult to manage. Wearing gloves also does not help always. So, this is a big cons for manicured shellac nails.
  • Nail strengthener cannot be applied after or before applying the shellac nail polish. So, again for weak nails, shellacs are not the thing . Even if keeping the nail paint on the nails for long makes it weaker, there is no option to reverse it, but one has to remove the nail paint.
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Other than the cons, the shellac nail paints are trendy and the latest thing one should try. It depends on you, whether you would like to apply it on hands or feet. Both shellac nail paint applied manicure and pedicure looks great and the best part is you don’t have to worry that it will chip off or the manicure will not stay for long. Go for CND shellac nail paints and flaunt your manicure hands in style.