Maldives a perfect choice for your next holiday
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Maldives a perfect choice for your next holiday

Maldives is popularly referred as Maldives Island and receive thousands of tourists all through the year. The economy of the Country predominantly depends on tourism, for its coffers. The best part about holidaying in Maldives is that there is a visitor can obtain the visa, on arrival provided they have all the valid documents with them. Hence the hassle of getting everything arranged before the trip is negated.

Fun activities to be indulged in Maldives

Diving – Maldives

The seas of Maldives have a unique characteristic, which is it’s clearly visibility throughout the year. The oceans are thriving in marine life, which includes an array of coral reefs, fishes and a number of marine creatures. At times tourists can picture marine life, as far as fifty meters through the water. This attribute has helped Maldives, in being one of the world’s richest coral diving areas.

An individual, who is not good at swimming, need not fret since all the resorts and hotels have excellent diving training and monitoring facilities’. They provide tourists with basic diving guidance and if you are a reluctant swimmer, you can go to the nearby reefs and enjoy the best marine spectacle of your life.

Water Sports

Maldives has more sea than land and hence there is no dearth for water sports and games. Every resort has its own well-established water sports center, which has an assortment of activities varying from surfing, parasail, Kite-surf, Kayak, water-ski and jet -ski.

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Surfing is an extremely admired water sport in Maldives. People from all over the world come to Maldives just to spend their time surfing The best time for surfing is during the months of June to September. During these months, it is said that the waves swell up to a height of three to eight feet.

Perfect Honeymoon destination

The destination that ticks all the boxes, for honeymoon is a place that is serene, intimate and secluded. Maldives is an Island that has all these and you can opt for a resort or even an individual bungalow where you can spend all the time with your loved one. The time can be made magical, with candle light dinners by the sea – side, under the star lit sky. If you and your partner lover water sports, indulge in a mixture of activities to make your honeymoon enthralling.

Cuisine – Maldives

The Maldivian cuisine to a large extent revolves around fish and the well-liked fish is tuna. The food preparation, to a great extent draws similarity from Sri Lanka and Kerala cuisine. The dishes are usually hot and spicy with a good helping of coconut in them and vegetables are rarely used.

A typical Maldivian meal would consist of rice, unleavened bread, fish curry, lime, onion and poppadums.

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Maldives is popular for its white sugary sands and it is so serene and a spectacle a tourist would love and remember for the rest of their lives. There are a number of packages, various tour operators are offering and this includes travel, hotel accommodation and the various water activities. All the resorts in Maldives are located on their own island. This is a perfect destination, for families to spend quality time and unwind the stress of hectic work lives.